About the Cook

My name is Jen and I’m 25-years-old. I am not a cook in the professional sense, but that doesn’t mean I am any less of a cook, and neither are you!

I am a college graduate living in the up-and-coming city of Raleigh, NC. Cooking has been in my life since I can remember.

I grew up in my mother’s kitchen in New York and she’s one of the best homemade gourmet cooks I’ve ever known. When I would visit my grandparents, I would also spend a lot of time in the kitchen with my Grandma and Nanni. My Grandma is a Sephardic Jew, so there’s the authentic matzo ball soup, noodle pudding, and brisket. My Nanni is an Italian, so her “gravy” (tomato sauce) is sacred.

These women have turned me into the biggest foodie of my family. Many people don’t expect that when they see me–a petite young woman–but I eat a lot of mini meals throughout the day, which helps my metabolism stay fast (also, thank you genetics) and my body skinny.

These women have also fueled my passion for delicious, yet easy meals, so much so, that I almost went to college to be a chef.

As you may all know, life doesn’t always go the way you planned, but that hasn’t crushed my passion for serving homemade gourmet meals to the ones I love.

You may notice a lot of my more recent recipes (2017 and onward) have either no sodium or barely any. For my disease, I need to keep my sodium intake low. I’m not going to go into much detail, but it’s forced me to rethink my diet and actually eat healthier.

However, all recipes I try are great for 20-somethings that are just starting out living off-campus or moving into the “real world” and are a bit broke like myself.

I am excited about this foodie blog because I can finally share my love of homemade gourmet in an easy and affordable way with all of you!